Work Sample

This mobile learning module is a humorous example of the type of training that can be delivered via mobile phones and tablets, whenever and wherever the need for immediate information and instruction arises.

The following instructional elements are a walk through of an mLearning module. The design tool used was Adobe Articulate Rise.

Adult learners want to know “Why?” they are learning. What is the value of the knowledge or skill? “Techniques to make relevance clear and to build learner confidence can be initiated even before the training starts and should be evident in the first few minutes of a learning event” (Clark, 2008, Ch. 4). A quick, relatable scenario captures attention and focuses the learner on the need for the knowledge and/or skill being presented.

mLearning Module Sample

This example takes about 3 minutes (2 minutes of video and 1 minute of supporting content), and replicates a typical self-paced mobile learning module. The mLearning module presents a familiar scenario, provides a visual and verbal walk-through of a problem solution, and promotes future readiness for problem avoidance. Modules like this require minimal time investment and provide valuable learning content in a versatile just-in-time delivery method.

A relatable scenario...

After arriving home from a long drive, a boy finds himself locked out of the guest restroom by his older sister. The "clock" is ticking...and then...

An interactive question

Interactive elements foster engagement and Link the mLearning module to the each learner’s own personal experience and “pain points.” Module responses customized to learner selections help personalize the experience.

Presenting training in the form of a familiar social-media-like task walk-through, within the attention span of the learner, delivers just-in-time instruction simply and effectively. The instruction serves to support the performance of the task to the prescribed standard, whenever and wherever needed.

TP Crisis Management

If a 9-year old can do it, so can you!

Job Aids, Task Lists & More

The opportunities to provide tips, guidance, coaching, feedback, and informational resources are virtually unlimited with mLearning.

mLearning presents an opportunity to interject supporting entertainment elements to make the learning module more memorable and less spartan, and to enhance the learner experience.

A lesson well-learned

With a valuable skill and a mindset of preparedness and prevention, TP dilemmas can be avoided - mostly.

In her September 16, 2020 article, 5 Types of mLearning You Should Use in Your Training and Development Programs, Asha Pandey recognized several value points of mLearning for learners and their organizations:
mLearning – Value for Learners
  • Learners can train on the go, or as they work from home.
  • They get on-demand, anytime, anywhere access.
  • Various types of mLearning assets give remote learners varying degrees of freedom on when and how to consume content.
  • Learners can pull content as required, leaving them with a sense of “control,” rather than having it pushed to them, which may sometimes feel like “forced” training.
  • mLearning empowers learners with the ability to sync training around their lifestyle, as opposed to the other way around.
mLearning – Value for the Organization
  • mLearning addresses remote learners as well as a geographically dispersed audience.
  • Delivers higher engagement with learners.
  • mLearning is proven to result in higher training completion rates.
  • Is easier to manage and administer, and provides seamless ability to update, upgrade, and re-deploy elements of a corporate training program.
  • It is a significantly lower-cost training solution as compared to classroom/ILT.