Work Sample

This emergency medical Triage exercise covers the steps for the Simple Triage and Rapid Transport (S.T.A.R.T) model for adult patients, using the universal EMS Triage Tag model.

"Being a necessary supplement to learning, eLearning continues to evolve into a vital entity (in due course) as far as learning is concerned. Based on current developments in learning scenarios and systems adopted globally, it is fairly safe to estimate that eLearning will soon dominate the learning methods across all parts of the world."


Is eLearning effective for learning? Yes it is!  Studies show that eLearning is especially effective at conveying conceptual knowledge (Jeno, Adachi, Grytnes, Vandvik, & Deci, 2018, p. 669).

Is eLearning effective for skill development and support? Yes it is!  When confronted by the limitations of the COVID-19 crisis, physical therapy students involved in a research study found value in eLearning instruction. “The responses from the students in this study may also encourage academics to design curriculum that are more conducive to a blended learning approach after the pandemic. Blended learning may include…providing online resources to supplement student learning of practical skills” (Ng et al., 2021, pp. 8–9).

As a standalone solution or part of a blended learning curriculum, eLearning, is an excellent way to introduce new topics, reinforce prior learning, and refresh knowledge in preparation for a compliance assessment or workplace application need.

eLearning Module Sample

This brief example is less than three minutes, and highlights a portion of a 10-15 minute self-paced review of a field emergency medical process. The eLearning module builds on prior knowledge, provides guided practice with immediate feedback, and reinforces proficiency in the use of a universal emergency medical job aid (the triage tag). The full lesson provides participation logging, and proficiency verification through an optional assessment.

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Benefits Of eLearning: What Are The Top 7?

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