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Welcome to my portfolio

I’m Victor (Vic) McCraw (he, him, his). I have a Master of Science degree in Organizational Performance and Workplace Learning (OPWL) from Boise State University and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Public Safety Administration from Grand Canyon University. I also hold two Graduate Certificates: one from Boise State University in Workplace Instructional Design, and another from the University of Virginia in Criminal Justice Education.

My professional experience includes a 32-year career in public safety service delivery and training. At present, I am an independent training and organizational performance consultant and expert witness, specializing in public safety.

In this portfolio, you will find information about my professional and volunteer work experience, academic accomplishments, and work samples.


5 years


2 + years



Needs Assessment

A formal Needs Assessment provides valuable insights and recommendations for improvement of the recruitment, training, performance, and deployment of elite field personnel.

Program Evaluation

A formal 10-Step Evaluation identifies critical dimensions and areas for improvement of an application process, designed to biannually identify the top 5 of 300 qualified candidates, for admission to an exclusive tactical training program.

Instructional Design

With a temporary and part-time volunteer workforce, formal training and retraining for routine, yet critical, tasks is time-consuming, expensive, and inefficient. An informational Job Aid is the Instructional Design choice to address this performance need.

White Paper

This White Paper examination of Procedural Justice in police academy Use-of-Force training programs reveals opportunities for improvement using Adult Learning strategies. Written in December 2019, these recommendations are all the more relevant following the May 25, 2020 death of George Floyd, and the conviction of Derek Chauvin.

Organizational Culture Assessment

A 911 dispatch workgroup, with well-established processes and policies gets a new information management system. An Organizational Culture Assessment reveals opportunities to influence the workgroup’s culture as part of a change management strategy.